By fishermen...for fishermen

If you are a tackle retailer or other sporting goods professional, think back to the reasons you got started in the business. You'll likely bring back fond memories of childhood fishing experiences. Maybe you will recall the excitement of a bouncing bobber disappearing below the surface of a farm pond, your first largemouth bass, learning how to cast a fly, or family fishing trips. Maybe a favorite uncle took you salmon fishing, or maybe you organized a high school fishing club. And maybe your grandfather told you stories of the 'lake monster' that no one has been able to catch. You took those early experiences and added more memories as a young adult, driven by a passion for the outdoors and fishing. Maybe you always thought it would be neat to run a bait shop, and you finally made that dream come true.

It is that passion that drives us as well. Bass River Outdoors is run by fishing nuts. Our passion for fishing made us want to continue to share the classic Anise Worm® with the next generation of fishermen, and make great new baits as well, enabling others to make great memories.

We're also passionate about family. Our family-run business helps provide Indiana jobs, for which our families are very grateful. We love to spend time in the outdoors with our families. And we also believe in making the world in which we live a better place. From our Cub Scout fishing derby involvement to support for fish and wildlife habitat restoration and conservation, we think we are having a positive impact.

From our families to yours, we want to thank you in advance for choosing to partner with Bass River Outdoors. There is no substitute for the local bait shop, and we're here to help your store succeed.  Click here to find out how.