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The Original Anise Worm and Bluegill Anise Worm
Tournament Grade anise-scented hand-poured soft plastic baits
  • Great-selling products - Bass River Outdoors hand-poured soft plastics are popular wherever they are sold.

  • Star Power - The Original Anise Worm®, the classic pre-rigged artificial nightcrawler is back for another fishing season after more than 45 successful years on the market.¬†We proudly manufacture the fish-catching worm in Indiana using time-tested methods. It is very popular and easy to fish. The Anise Worm® has name recognition, and has twice helped midwest anglers capture Michigan Master Angler awards.

  • Anise-scented - We load up the baits with Anise, long considered an effective fish attractant. The Anise Worm® is made using our secret formula including real anise oil. Our Tournament Grade baits are also anise-scented to help the fish hold on longer. These include swimbaits, frogs, craw jig trailers, and lunker worms.

  • Salty - Many of our Tournament Grade baits are also infused with salt.

  • Freshwater and Saltwater - Saltwater anglers are taking notice and having success with our Tournament Grade baits.

  • The Hand-poured Difference - Unlike their mass-produced, injection-molded cousins, no two hand-poured soft plastic baits are alike...just like prey in nature. The subtle differences, once they hit the water, result in not-so-subtle strikes from fish!

  • Quality - We use high quality components, including Mustad hooks. Our ultra-clear packaging and resealable barrier bags are made for optimum product visibility.

  • Customs - Got a color request that nobody else makes? Send it to us for a quote. We would be happy to make that 'special' color.
Anise-scented Lunker Worms
Bass River Outdoors Tournament Grade Anise-scented soft plastics logo
Anise Worm card light purple chartreuse
Anise Worm card light purple chartreuse